Free Parking at Heathrow (2008/03)

Its true, honest............... but you do have to go on your motorbikeCool

I have started using the motorcycle parking at London Heathrow and I can highly recommend it. The free parking is located right by the terminal and the ones I have used at T1 and T4 are all under cover. You can park there for up to one month and there are places to anchor your bike. Be warned its well used, but so far I have always managed to find a space.

The only challenge has been finding the entrance.

At T1 you can get to it by heading for the short term car park, but don't go in the car park, instead look for a small opening on the right as the road bends around into the car park. The motorcycle parking is actually located underneath the ramp that takes you up to T1 departures.

At T3 there is a really nice motorcycle car park which is by the traffic lights as you leave T3. Its actually signposted, but to get to it you must first start to leave the airport and then turn into the short-term car park, but don't go in. Instead go around the building and it will bring you into the lane that gives you access to the area. There are two motorcycle areas. They are flat, undercover and well lit.

At T4 the motorcycle parking is also underneath the  exit ramp, at arrivals, but there I never did find the legal way into the motorcycle parking area. It looks like its from some back road off the main rounadbout, so next time I will get the map out.

The web site is useless for the parking location and I usually ask the staff who are extremely helpful and point me in the right direction.

Next challenge, how do I get that suitcase on the bike?

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